Natsumi, Graphic designer

“The Raft of the Medusa" (detail), 1819, Théodore Géricault.
The painting depicts a moment from the aftermath of the wreck of the French naval frigate Méduse, which ran aground off the coast of today’s Mauritania on July 5, 1816. At least 147 people were set adrift on a hurriedly constructed raft; all but 15 died in the 13 days before their rescue, and those who survived endured starvation and dehydration and practiced cannibalism.

looking @ cute clothes i can’t afford (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) being stalked by shrugs さん



ダブルミルククリームパン 110円(税込119円)


Jack Kilmer and Nat Wolff on set


Here’s the theatrical trailer for “Palo Alto” the directorial debut by Gia Coppola which I composed the score for.
Starring James Franco, Emma Roberts, Jack Kilmer & Nat Wolff.

See it in theaters May 9th.

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Beauty isn’t a fucking game. It’s a form of embodied cultural capital held by those with privilege. Objective beauty is the purest, most distilled form of the dominant aesthetic of the ruling class. As a social asset, it’s powerful stuff. The world says yes to beautiful people in a million…